A desktop valuation is the valuation undertaken with indirectly sourced information & where a full inspection of a property has taken place.

Essentially this means that, in qualifying circumstances, our automation able to arrive at a reasonable opinion of value through automated system


The model is an online engine where a user inputs the address of a specific property; our engine then accumulates data about different factors that naturally affect the value of the property like property age, features, geograhical location, and specifications history and compare it to the prices of similar properties.

Then we use the mathematical modeling to analyze the gathered data and compute an estimated realistic value of the property


  • Cost Efficient
  • Automated
  • Instant Typically Uses RP Data
  • Minimal Mistake Risks

Terms and Conditions

1) I have no direct or indirect interest in the property valued.

2)The information furnished in the report is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

3) This valuation is undertaken with indirect sourced information & where a full inspection of the said property has not taken place.

4)The value of the property is "near to perfect" valuation of property.

5) This valuation is not a Legal document.